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A System for Generating Haiku

Cultural Computing
Different cultures have special rules and common elements that humans identify as behavior or grammar. We developed a computer model to illustrate this. We also developed Hitch Haiku, a system to express and to interactively experience cultural understanding using cultural computing. This system interactively aids users in creating haiku, poems with imagery-maximizing mechanisms, the shortest in the world. First, “kire-ji”, words that indicate a transition in the poem, and particles are added to the word/phrase input by the user to make a five- or seven-syllable phrase. Second, phrases including terminology related to the user’s input are located in a phrase database holding examples of haiku from the Japanese literary four-season calendar, ensuring the cultural validity of the haiku. These phrases are then “hitched” together to generate a haiku. Although this system periodically generates flawed haiku, the ability to generate haiku that support the expansion of users’ cultural understanding has been confirmed through assessment experimentation.

1) marking (selecting) text from computer science book " The Society of Mind" by Marvin Minsky. red color text use haiku poem
2) generate Japanese haiku
3) Translated English haiku

Seigow Matsuoka
Editorial Engineering Lab

Michihiko Minoh
Hideto Obara
Kyoto University

Ryohei Nakatsu
Kwansai Gakuin University

Adrian David Cheok
Owen Noel Newton Fernando
Mixed Reality Lab, National University of Singapore