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A marriage of Sun and Moon

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" A marriage of Sun and Moon"

Interactive art will make it possible to activate human sensitivity through interaction using artistic technique, which has rarely been achieved in the area of computer science, And as the result, it can realize system that can sense human sensitivity and extract human impressions.

Artistic Theme
The idea of a marriage between Sun and Moon appears repeatedly in the myth and old philosophy of various nations all over the world. It symbolizes the state where human becomes high level being by achieving the integration of consciousness and sub-consciousness. The light of corona with silver and calm cold light, that is usually hidden by the brightness of sun, is a visualization of the power of intuitive consciousness that is hidden behind the logical behavior of our mind. We create a work that expresses the above idea using beautiful and ambiguous images created through musical interaction and reflected on a novel screen made of sand - the first such system in the world! The image on the screen varies depending on the temperature of the participant, thus it has the effect of biofeedback. This system can be called a future image creation system which has a capability of interacting with the inner human life and sensing human emotions.

Why sand?
Sand has no definite form, free of any form. Sand gives us a quiet liberation feeling that reminds us of our child-food when we enjoyed the touch of sand. I think that sand has healing effect like water. When we look at a sand clock, the flow-down stream of sand gives us a relieving feeling like the one when we are surrounded and folded by earth.

Computer gets into our life more and more and thus we suffer from strong techno-stress. I wanted to create a screen reflecting our deep feeling using sand that has the capability of healing.

How to Interact?
The blue LED on the orgol object means stuff notation. The participant can compose a melody freely by arranging magnet with red LED that mean.
When the participant make a gesure of moving a gyroscope sensor forward in front of a big disk, it starts rotating and he/she can enjoy virtual scratch.
At the same time, the thirmography measures the temperature of the participant and. analyze his/her mental state; relaxed, in a great excitement, in a small excitement, or anxious.
When the disk rotates 180 degree,then the sand screen appears in the middle of the disk and various types of images generated based on the above measurement are reflected on the screen. This means that the image on the sand screen is the result of bio feedback.