Keynote Speech and Invited Lectures
1 Naoko Tosa "Cultural Computing in Media" Invited Speech at 8th International Conference on Virtual-Reality Continuum and Its Applications in Industry, Tokyo Institute of Technology (2009)

Naoko Tosa, gCultural Computing in Media,h Keynote speech at 4th Conference on Digital Media and its Application in Museum & Heritage.  Organized by IEEE VR Committee, China Society of Image and Graphics. (2009)


Naoko Tosa, gCultural Computingh at National Museum of Singapore, The Salon, ISEA (2008)


Naoko Tosa, gEntertainment & Roboticsh The Science Centre Singapore (2007)


Naoko Tosa, gNew wave: Inter-Cultural Computing,h Keynote speech at International Symposium on Intelligent Environments organized by Microsoft Cambridge External Research (2006)


Naoko Tosa, gCultural Computingh Invited Lecture at Harvard University Graduate of School of Design (2003)


Naoko Tosa, gZenetic Computerh Lecture at Class of MAS.878 Experiences in Interactive Expression, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2002)

10 Naoko Tosa, gArt & Technologyh Lecture at Class of MAS.879A Themes in Cinematic and Computational Art, Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2002)

Naoko Tosa, gArt & Technologyh Lecture at Harvard University Graduate of School of Design (2002)


Naoko Tosa, gInteractive Comedyh Lecture at gHaru Festivalh Consulate-General of Japan in Boston (2002)


Naoko Tosa, gCan Art & Technology Become a New Business?,h The Second Digital Renaissance@Keihanna Symposium (Invited Speech) (2001.02)


Naoko Tosa, Ryohei Nakatsu, gFuture Communications Based on Multimedia Technologies,h U.S. Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) (Invited Speech) (1999.08)


Ryohei Nakatsu, Naoko Tosa, Takeshi Ochi, gInteractive Movie: a Virtual Environment with Narratives,h Virtual Environmentf98  (Key Note Speech), 17-1 - 17-4 (1998.06)


Naoko Tosa, gLife and Virtual Reality,h VR Symposium Gifuf98, 6th Student-Opposition Handmade Virtual Reality Contest: IVRCf98 (1998).


Naoko Tosa, gResearch on an Autonomous Actor Capable of Communicating with Humans using Kansei and its Theatrical Space,h Electronic Information Communications Society, Image Engineering Research Specific Committee Sponsorship: Image Encoding Symposium (1998).


Naoko Tosa, gNew Contents of Multimedia Emerging from Art & Technology,h Basic Lecture in a General Meeting of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Kyushu Multimedia Society (1997).


Naoko Tosa, Ryohei Nakatsu, gCreation of Narratives and Interactive Actors That Respond to Emotions,h 1997 Information Studies Symposium (Invited Speech) (1997.01)


Ryohei Nakatsu, Naoko Tosa, gNew Direction of Communication Technologies that Adopt Contents,h ISCIE (Invited Speech) Nov.1996, pp. 9-16 (1996.11)


Naoko Tosa, gGeneration of an Interactive Actor in a Cyber Movie,h Artificial Intelligence Society Sponsorship: Artificial Intelligence Seminar (1996).


Naoko Tosa, gIntegration of Art and Technology for Realizing Life-like Computer Characters,h Life-like Computer Charactersf96 (Invited Speech) pp. 62 (1996.10)


Naoko Tosa, Ryohei Nakatsu, gCreation of Interactive Actors for Cyber Movies,h 22nd Annual Meeting of Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences (Invited Speech) pp. 20-21 (1996.06)

24 Naoko Tosa, Ryohei Nakatsu, gGeneration of Interactive Actors for Future Movies,h The 1st Conference on JSME Robotics and Mechatronics Symposia (Invited Speech) pp. 156-161 (1996.05)

Naoko Tosa, gArt and Technology | Life-Like Autonomous Character eMICf & Feeling Session Character eMUSEf,h Fuzzy Society Workshop: Viewing, Using, and Playing with Kansei Information (1996).